Good Evening from Phnom Penh

Good evening from Phnom Penh! Although it is probably mid morning for all of our US supporters.

We arrived safely in Phnom Penh yesterday morning and spent most of the day recovering from a bit of jet lag. Last evening, we were able to connect with several Hagar Australia staff members.

Today has been an encouraging day here in Cambodia. We have had a full day meeting with Hagar International staff. Getting to know these individuals has been an absolute delight. We have found them to be an incredibly hardworking, passionate, dedicated group of people.

We had the chance to sit down with many of the staff members and discuss the journey that led each of them to Hagar. It was incredible to hear about the varying circumstances that led each staff member to be part of Hagar International.

Despite the differing journeys, their purpose is one. They are deeply committed to the restoration of women and children who have experienced some of the worst human rights abuses possible. They are tenacious and hopeful, believing that any  life can return to wholeness.

Listening to their stories and learning more about the Hagar programs has only served to intensify our passion and strengthen our resolve to do our part.


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